Your Course is Unique - So Is AcademicPub™

This list of features allows educators to build the perfect set of course materials for their courses while providing students with an easy and fun educational experience.

AcademicPub iPad Reader™ & Other Devices

Both you and your students can access their course materials anywhere via the AcademicPub iPad Reader.

The AcademicPub iPad Reader is just the latest in an expanding list of applications that can access your materials such as your personal computer, your IOS devices, and many Android tablets and mobile devices.

Cloud Storage and the Professor Bookshelf

Access your course materials, as you build them, from anywhere thanks to AcademicPub's cloud storage. Download desk copies to your devices, manage your active and archived projects, add or remove material from unfinished projects, track how many copies have been sold, or re-adopt the same book. Course material creation has never been easier or more accessible.

The AcademicPub Co-Op is a place to share "best of" course materials you've crafted with others in your field and to get a sense of what others are doing.

  • Peruse materials selected and created by your peers
  • Get a head start creating your course pack
  • Share your creations with peers

Peer collaboration and review is made easy with the Send Project feature

  • Send and receive feedback to and from your colleagues
  • Allow colleagues within your university to edit a copy of your custom course materials and adopt for their own course
  • Review projects with the preview page and get pricing information

Real Time Pricing

AcademicPub will clear anything available from Copyright Clearance Center - and give you the price instantly.

You get a real-time running total of royalty costs as you add materials.

Embedded Links

You've always been able to pull content from the web for direct inclusion in your book, but now you can add links (and QR codes to print books) to outside sources, anything from YouTube™ videos to your LMS.

The AcademicPub Student Bookshelf™

Learning is made easy for students with the AcademicPub Student Bookshelf. Students can now load and store their digital books in a virtual bookshelf and read and study the material via laptop, tablet or smart phone! Read all about it!