AcademicPub will be used by professors and administrators to create custom books. Your bookstore will have its own access portal to manage these materials. This portal allows you to inventory any custom book created by your institution.

Once you sign in, you'll be able to sort through all completed books for the upcoming or current school term. You can place an order and we'll take it from there.

Here's how it works -
Click the tab above to Sign In
Review the Pending Books - the items your professors have completed - by clicking "View Details"
Use the "Book Details" page to see the course name and professor, and the number of items and page count of the book.
On the "Book Details" page, you can select format (Color, B/W, eBook) see pricing and place your order.

That's it! There's also a page to show you the books you've previously ordered, and the books from past semesters that have expired.

Don't have access? Just contact through our Help Center - and we'll get you up and running!