Mix and match ANY content you want to tailor your course perfectly - include material from the content library, the web, and third-party content. Compile content from anywhere.

Pre-Cleared Content Library

The Content Library offers millions of articles, textbook chapters, scholarly research and cases, all searchable by discipline or sub-discipline.

Personal and Third-Party Content

Add content of your creation or from your collection (all with easy-to-use guided copyright clearance) including:

  • Blog Posts
  • Dividers/introductions
  • Web Pages
  • PDF Files
  • Word Files
  • PowerPoint Files
  • JPG Files
  • PNG Files
  • GIF Files
  • TFF files

How Copyright Clearance works!

Along with the option to add pre-cleared content from the Content Library, the platform will automatically clear anything available from Copyright Clearance Center - and give you the price instantly. AcademicPub and The Copyright Clearance Center will distribute all royalties paid to publishers.

You get a real-time running total of royalty costs as you add materials.

Even better! Anything that cannot be cleared through the platform we will clear for you!

With AcademicPub you're always covered.

The Open Educational Resource Collection

As the availability of materials from publicly available sources increase, so will their presence in the Content Library. From Project Gutenberg, to US Government sources, and beyond, a growing list of open content is available for you to add to your custom materials.